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Bilingual Dictionaries

With up-to-date business terms for the Internet age, this is the next generation of business dictionaries, covering modern banking, accounting, insurance, real estate, import- export, taxes, business law, and computer terms. This is an essential resource for those working in multilingual, multicultural business fields.

Specialty Dictionaries

Spanish Chemical & Pharmaceutical Glossary

Covering over 26,000 chemical and pharmaceutical terms, this book fulfills a need for anyone who works in these fields using both English and Spanish.


Global Business Dictionary

English business terms and their equivalents in French, Japanese, German, Chinese, and Russian.


Multicltural Spanish Dictionary

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. What has been overlooked for a long time is the fact that there are thousands of everyday Spanish words that differ from one Spanish-speaking country to the next.


Business Dictionaries

Japanese Business Dictionary

English-Japanese business terms.


Chinese Business Dictionary

English-Chinese business terms.


Korean Business Dictionary

English-Korean business terms


Arabic Business Dictionary

English-Arabic business terms.


Russian Business Dictionary

English-Russian business terms.


Portuguese Business Dictionary

English-Portuguese business terms.


Italian Business Dictionary

English-Italian business terms.


German Business Dictionary

English-German/German-English business terms.


French Business Dictionary

English-French/French-English business terms from France and Canada.


Spanish Business Dictionary

English-Spanish/Spanish-English business terms with variant from Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, and Argentina. 2nd Rev. Ed.